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The “butthurt” women of sci-fi have taken over Patrick Rothfuss’s #SoWeary tag as Hugos uproar continues.

I missed this on Twitter. Jesus. And Wil. I want so badly to keepyou as my hero. I haven’t unfollowed you on Twitter, yet, but boy am I glad I unfollowed you on Tumblr. You really need to understand that if you don’t want to be a dick, you have to maintain an awareness of your own privilege.

Very disappointed too. Kameron Hurley wrote an awesome take on this - worth a read.

Rage Doesn’t Exist in a Vacuum, or: Understanding the Complex Continuum of Internet Butt-Hurt*

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What if Doctor Who was an American show?

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¡¡¡Best Post Ever!!!

'What if Doctor Who was an American Show' fan casting.

My NerdMind is at war with itself, and that is not a nice feeling.

Also confused as to why my brain made such a big HELLS YES at Kyle MacLachlan. Mebbe I need to watch Twin Peaks again…

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