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Lookit what I made this weekend. Shirt from one pattern, skirt from another pattern, finagled a long rectangle of extra fabric into a sewn-in capelet, and a whole lot of blue stretch velvet. I’m worried that it looks much like a big blue fuzzy potato sack, but luckily there’s a certain amount of ‘suspension of disbelief’ in larping :-P  Hopefully I’ll get a better pic of the front at NERE in a couple of weeks. 

Still better than the actual vintage pattern I was working with this weekend, which just turned out awful. Eeeek. Maybe I should try more off-road sewing for a while, I’m getting tired of new-pattern fails.

This was the inspiration dress:

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So this is what my weekend looked like. ALL THE SEWING.

Some items started from scratch and finished, some just needed some adjustments, like hemming or pockets. The blue halter is a muslin for the bodice part of a dress Ima try to make next month, maybe in time for NERE. At least a few of these items will probably be worn for larping sometime soon.


Not sure if I’m just trying to get it out of my system, or purposefully trying to burn myself out on sewing so I stop wanting to do it.

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Started larping again, so needed some gear. And started sewing all-the-things. The hoodie doesn’t photograph well, sadly, but its got a nice big cowl-ey hood. The other garments are becoming a kind of capsule-wardrobe for another character.

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