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Started larping again, so needed some gear. And started sewing all-the-things. The hoodie doesn’t photograph well, sadly, but its got a nice big cowl-ey hood. The other garments are becoming a kind of capsule-wardrobe for another character.

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Costume for DragonCon! Some friends and I are doing a Steampunk’d cosplay of Babylon 5, and here is my Neo Victorian reinterpretation of one of Delenn’s costumes ( ).

11 hours for the jacket, 4 for the skirt, not counting the fabric cutting (eek, that was rough), mostly in 1 hour intervals b/c otherwise my brain melts. After the blue muslin, had to take the jacket in two sizes, and raise the waistline with the petite-fold line in the pattern. I the folded up cuffs and center grey panels were added, along with the decorative stitches. I switched snaps in for buttons, b/c buttons are annoying, and this way the belt will lay over the jacket more comfortably. Pattern is Butterick, B4954.

Now I just have to finish belt, headpiece, brooch, and possibly a little clockwork prop :-)

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Butterick pattern 4954, made with the same cotton broadcloth for jacket and lining, no interfacing, and not yet finished on the buttons. A wearable muslin to see if this could be made in cotton for a particular costume project, and whether or not I really needed interfacing with cotton.  Took about 6.5 hours not counting the ironing and cutting of pattern and fabric pieces.

Apparently size 22 is too big for me for jackets. The pleat gives a lot of hip room, so I sized the proper costume piece down to an 18 and shortened the waist/back area so the top of the pleat will sit higher on my back (I hopes). The sleeves and pleat finishing instructions made no sense so I went my own way with that. And yeah, need the interfacing afterall. Didn’t muslin the ginormous floofy skirt b/c those aren’t so persnickety with sizing as jackets.

This is more or less wearable, just needs buttons. But I’m swimming in it. So after the proper costume is finished will come back and tweak this for better sizing. Its from fabric I had lying around after abandoning another project idea, but its such a nice color.

Also, my new idea to only sew in 1 hour bursts really helped me not burn out while working on it, leading to fewer mistakes to deal with and add more time. So I may finally get to my backlog of sewing projects on a regular basis.

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Geek patch shirt, reborn! Had to crop it, between mens cut and CF related weight gain since I bought it, I haven’t been able to wear it comfortably or with confidence in a really long time. Tried to reattatch the bottom half with the extra pockets as a peplum, but it proved so complicated that I just went back to the original cropped idea. The hem could use some ironing flat, but otherwise its con-ready. Hope I don’t miss the pockets too much.

And plenty of room left to add MOAR patches. I may actually redo the current patches, but I’m not sure how forgiving bottom-weight fabrics really are, and I don’t want to have to do this all again. This batch went on really messily, b/c I was just learning to use my machine.

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